Ghostbusters' First New Member: Probably Melissa McCarthy

January 9, 2015


As has been suspected since the first whiffs of Paul Feig putting together an all-female Ghostbusters, yeah, Melissa McCarthy is almost certainly going to be part of the team. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Feig's Bridesmaids and The Heat star is the first actress to have started negotiations for the reboot, sources saying McCarthy is in "early talks" to sign on for an undisclosed part that is assumedly "the one who loudly complains about there not being a 'crap hole' in the jumpsuit."

Still, it's apparently not yet a done deal, as the story notes that "there is no official offer to McCarthy," and the studio is refusing to comment. Beyond that, there's also said to be the issue of McCarthy's prior obligations, which include film roles and contractual duties on Mike & Molly. And here you thought it was only your parents' schedule that was dismally structured around CBS sitcoms.

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