Gosling, Pitt, and Bale To Cause 2008 Financial Crisis

January 13, 2015


Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and Christian Bale are attached to star in The Big Short, the Paramount and Plan B's film about all the dreamiest men behind the financial crisis of a few years ago. Anchorman's Adam McKay is reigning it in to write and direct the film, described as a drama based on the Michael Lewis bestseller about the building of the housing and credit bubble and its eventual burst. It's expected that other, similarly A-list actors will also have similarly sized roles to these three, as Variety claims the film will be a star-filled ensemble piece. A bunch of suit-wearing, good-looking white guys making off with a bunch of other people's money; like Ocean's Eleven, except now Andy Garcia is the global economy and it's all infuriatingly real.

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