Have a Look at David O. Russell's Last Stroll Through the Comedy Section with the 'Accidental Love' Trailer

January 6, 2015


Behold: the long-lost, final relic of the distant era when David O. Russell would make goofy comedies that weren't so specifically crafted for awards season buzz. Accidental Love--formerly titled Nailed--stars Jessica Biel as a woman who gets shot in the head with a nail gun and, consequently, starts acting kooky and hyper-sexual. That sends her on a political crusade for the rights of the bizarrely injured--and into the arms of Jake Gyllenhaal's opportunistic congressman. James Marsden, Catherine Keener, Paul Reubens, Tracy Morgan, and James Brolin co-star.

Judging by this trailer, it would have been Russell's zaniest film yet, but it seems he flew too close to the slapstick sun and the film's production was shut down four times, sending the director crashing down into the murky darkness of The Fighter. But while Russell gave up on the comedy--his name has since been taken off entirely--Millennium Entertainment apparently did not, as they've finally finished the film and seem to be repackaging it as a Valentine's Day comedy--giving The Vow and 50 First Dates some company in the brain-damage-romance genre. The retitled film hits a few theaters and on-demand on February 10. Have a look:


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