Kevin Spacey To Finally Play Man Trapped in Cat's Body

January 28, 2015


Two-time Academy Award winner and recent Golden Globe recipient Kevin Spacey will at last condense his talents into the body of a CGI-contorted house cat. According to The Wrap, the actor has closed a deal to star in Nine Lives, Spacey's first film since The Big Kahuna to be delightfully named after wet cat food. Much like The Shaggy Dog or the Gary Busey comedy Quigley--only now with a cat--the movie will see Spacey playing a workaholic father who "suffers a terrible accident" that results in the tragic news every family fears hearing: dad's brain is trapped in a our pet's feline body somehow. Barry Sonnenfeld is directing from a script he reportedly described as a "funny, emotional, commercial comedy." You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll spend. Because Kevin Spacey's voice is coming out of a domestic shorthair.

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