NBC Decides To Just Try Making a Bunch of Dolly Parton Movies

January 16, 2015


Like Dollywood and that locked room at your uncle's, NBC will soon be a really weird shrine to Dolly Parton ephemera. The news comes from NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt, who today announced that he'll be keeping NBC at the forefront of relevance with "uplifting movies" in the for some reason "pretty untapped" genre of Dolly Parton films. Reportedly, the TV movies will be based on the singer/actress's songs, stories, and life, with Parton producing and possibly taking an on-screen role in some. It's further said the films will be standalone pieces and not a larger series. It seems still no network is daring enough to tell the Marvel-style, cosmically-interconnected tale of Parton's Infinity Rhinestones.

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