Olivia Wilde Goes To Hell and Back, Literally, in 'The Lazarus Effect' Trailer

January 7, 2015


In The Lazarus Effect, Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, and Evan Peters have just created some kind of magic milk that they hope will bring the dead back to life. They test it on a dead dog. It works! Except now the dog watches Olivia Wilde as she sleeps, so apparently waking from death makes you a real creep.

Still: it worked! So they try to replicate their experiment, but this time something goes wrong: Olivia Wilde dies. So Duplass--knowing that it's questionably ethical, but also recognizing that he's never going to find another wildly attractive scientist who will date him--injects some of the Frankenstein semen into his dead girlfriend. It works again! But, like the dog, now she's acting pretty creepy too. Her eyes are sometimes horrifying inky pits. She keeps saying things at the same time as others, which is probably pretty annoying. Plus, she telekinetically crushed Donald Glover inside a cabinet. What the hey, Olivia? Oh, it's because she was in Hell and now she's a beautiful manifestation of pure evil. That makes sense then.

Anyway, here's all that happening in the trailer:

Wait, so what the fuck did the dog do to get sent to Hell?

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