Shaq To Star in Semi-Autobiographical Sitqom

January 23, 2015


TruTV is getting ready to explore the all-too-real truth of Shaq's continued acting career. The cable network has reportedly started development on Shaq Inq., a scripted workplace comedy to be loosely based on the business side of Shaquille O'Neal's life--like his real estate investments, his head's appearance on soda cans, and how much Gold Bond is still paying him to goof around in commercials that seemingly air only after Jeopardy. O'Neal will also star--reprising the popular "Shaq" character he's played before in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scary Movie 4, Jack and Jill, and the National Basketball Association--though the series seems to be set up as an ensemble that looks at "the offbeat yet capable group" working for him. Finally, an American The Office in which the framing of two-shots is always incredibly awkward.

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