'X-Men' To Return To TV, But as Live-Action Series This Time

January 26, 2015


Having learned from The Jersey Shore that you can always spin off more TV shows about muscular, ridiculously-outfitted mutants, Fox has started work on bringing X-Men television. Though their film franchise is still going, Fox reportedly hopes to follow the lead of other studios in also representing their comic book properties with series, hiring 24 producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto to lead development on an X-Men show. Patrick McKay and JD Payne--who wrote the Star Trek 3 script that Simon Pegg was recently charged with overhauling--have alreay been hired on to write, but there yet remains a pretty big "if" as to whether or not this actually comes together: Marvel would apparently have to sign off on the deal. Also, they would have to use the original X-Men series intro song, because come on.

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