Adam Savage Built the Most Accurate 'The Shining' Hedge Maze Model, and He'll Show You How He Did That

February 26, 2015


"Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition" is a traveling exhibit touring the world with a collection of iconic Kubrick film memorabilia that includes rare photographs, scripts, actual props and costumery, special effects pieces, and, as noted by Adam Savage, an Overlook Hotel maze model replica that is sort of shit. Or rather, that was sort of shit.

Now, thanks to Savage, it's pretty much as accurate as is possible, because the exhibit's curators have now tossed out their crummy, erroneous miniature fake hedge maze in favor of a new one of Savage's making--one that the Mythbusters host claims is nearly identical to the one Jack Nicholson gazes across before deciding to chop up Shelley Duvall.

Want to see how he made that? Well, now you can, because Tested has released a 24-minute video documenting the labor-intensive process from start to finish. Watch and feel like a fool for how flawed your own hedge maze model recreations have always been.

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