Amy Pascal Unseated from Sony Chair

February 5, 2015


Amy Pascal, the executive you likely know as the one who came out looking pretty bad after all those leaked studio emails, has been forced to step down from her position as chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment's Motion Pictures Group and co-chairman of SPE as a whole.

As The Hollywood Reporter goes over in greater detail, this isn't entirely an unexpected move. Beyond the leak and its reveal of how truly terrible her email grammar is, Sony's film slate has been faltering in more recent times under her leadership. The studio "weathered one of the worst years for any major in 2013," and the Spider-Man franchise and crap like After Earth haven't been giving the kind of returns expected from films with such pricey skin-tight bodysuits.

Still, Pascal is putting a good face on it by saying she's "energized to be starting this new chapter based at the company I call home"--the home where she's been told she needs to leave the master bedroom but can totally stay in the guest room. There are clean sheets in there!

Pretty nice sheets, actually: After her current contract runs out in March, a month later she'll come on as a producer, still heading such massive tentpoles as Ghostbusters and Amazing Spider-Man. Assumedly, as is the usual reparation from Sony, she will also get a free three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus.

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