Baz Luhrmann Also Making Netflix Series

February 5, 2015


With more and more respected film directors delving into streaming series, Baz Luhrmann has decided he should finally accept the modernity that's already been embraced by a 79-year-old, old-time jazz-obsessed guy. The Great Gatsby filmmaker is headed to Netflix with a 13-episode, hour-long drama from Sony Pictures Television. Titled The Get Down, Luhrmann's series will reportedly be "told through the lives and music of a ragtag crew of South Bronx teens," as told through the middle-aged white Australian who made Moulin Rouge. It won't come out until 2016, but Netflix has already released a teaser to give a feel for the tone they're going for. Have a look below to see whether or not that tone is a b-boying Leonardo DiCaprio.

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