'Blade Runner' Sequel Has a Director and a Harrison Ford

February 27, 2015


The long-planned Blade Runner sequel at last has a new director and a same old blade runner, still out there doddering around for replicants. As officially announced by Alcon Entertainment, Denis Villeneuve has been offered the job of helming the follow-up, while Harrison Ford is officially signed on to reprise his role as Rick Deckard.

The choice of Villeneuve comes as a bit of a surprise, but not necessarily a bad one. Though the Québécois director doesn't have the kind of sci-fi experience one would expect--at this point, wouldn't you figure executives would bring in some guy who made a shallow but impressively effects-heavy dystopian short?--with 2013's Prisoners, the guy showed an aptitude for the kind of moody, cop-in-pursuit drama that's actually more applicable to a Blade Runner follow-up.

Ford's casting, meanwhile, is considerably less surprising. Despite being a 73-year-old who only just got over an ankle injury caused by his reprising a popular sci-fi role, the actor has long been an assumed part of the sequel. His involvement was pretty much confirmed when, a few months ago, he supposedly called the Blade Runner 2 script "the best thing he's ever read."

As for what that script involves, details are still scarce, though producer Ridley Scott previously hinted, "Really, it's about finding [Deckard]; he comes in in the third act." During the first two acts, the septuagenarian Deckard will assumedly be taking Roy Batty's sight-seeing advice on a cruise ship off the shoulder of Orion.

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