Dave Franco Gets Wheelbarrowed in 'Unfinished Business' Red-Band Trailer

February 2, 2015


The "Todd Phillips thing with a few guys behaving with comic irresponsibly" genre has a new entry--and, despite Vince Vaughn's presence, it's somehow not from Todd Phillips. Unfinished Business re-teams Vaughn with his Delivery Man director--Vaughn was apparently the one person who left that film wanting more--and sees the actor joined by the unlikely pairing of Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco (whose aw-shucks naïvety here seems even more unlikely). Vaughn owns a small company they work for and a big deal requires that they all go to Europe on a business trip together. Hijinks, dick-and-ball jokes, etc. ensue. Here's the red-band trailer--not suitable for work, thanks to exposed female nipples and Franco's ass.

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