I Just Watch for the Dinosaurs: See the 'Jurassic World' Super Bowl Spot

February 2, 2015


Those who cannot remember 1993 are condemned to repeat it. High-waisted, acid-wash jeans are available to purchase again, and, as you'll see in this new Super Bowl trailer for Jurassic World, an overly-ambitious prehistoric park has once again resulted in a couple kids having but vehicle-grade glass protecting them from the jaws of a dinosaur. But this time, it's not just the carnivorous appetite of the beasts that's driving all the big set pieces. Now, scientists have brashly created a nightmarish hybrid dinosaur, and according to Chris Pratt's Vest Guy, this thing is killing for sport. The lesson? If you're going to merge the DNA of a Tyrannosaurus rex with something else, don't make that something else Ted Nugent.

Or maybe the real lesson is that we shouldn't keep letting Irrfan Khan near late-franchise genetics experiments?

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