'Lego Movie' Sequel Has New Director Piece Attached

February 25, 2015


Like Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Russo Brothers before him, Rob Schrab has been plucked from the Community pool to take over a big-time franchise. As announced in a statement from Lego Movie co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Schrab is going to bring "his aesthetic, combined with his sense of humor [and his] strong, unique, thoughtful, and passionately nerdy voice" to The Lego Movie Sequel as the new director.

A longtime friend and collaborator with Community creator Dan Harmon, Schrab has also helmed episodes of The Mindy Project, Parks & Rec, Childrens Hospital, and The Sarah Silverman Program--which he co-created with Silverman and Harmon. Prior to that, he made his feature animation debut (again with Harmon) writing 2006's Monster House, but those who share his "passionately nerdy voice" may well have celebrated his work before even then.

Schrab got his start creating the cult-adored comic series Scud: The Disposable Assassin before pushing into video work with imaginatively oddball shorts like Robot Bastard and Ringwald & Molly, and he founded the amateur web-comedy aggregation site Channel 101. Most famously, though, he created the Fox pilot Heat Vision and Jack, in which Owen Wilson provided the voice of a talking motorcycle. So the guy already knows something about making an inanimate plaything sound unmistakably like a celebrity. As Lord and Miller best expressed in their statement, "People who know him are slapping their foreheads today and saying, 'Of course!'"

Here's some of Schrab's aforementioned work:

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