'Modern Family' To Basically Just Be an Apple Commercial Next Week

February 17, 2015


The drive for television shows to become advertisement has at last crossed the intersection of Modern Family's desire for additional talking-at-the-screen gimmickry. As such, next Wednesday's episode of the ABC sitcom will take place entirely on a MacBook Pro, the sleek, compact but powerful computer for TV's Modern Family... and yours!

The episode, titled Connection Lost, will reportedly see Julie Bowen's Claire digitally communicating with her various [modern] family members while trying to contact her daughter. Apple's Mac OS and iOS programs--such as FaceTime, iMessage, Safari, eOneill--are said to be prominently featured. And though the show already faced criticism for an episode that conspicuously highlighted the lust for an iPad, series co-creator Steve Levitan maintains that Apple isn't paying them for this (outside of the many free devices they admit to getting once they pitched the concept to the company).

"There's no product placement or anything," Levitan said, apparently not entirely understanding what product placement is.

Still, while The Verge has remarked that the episode, unsurprisingly, "feels like a half-hour Apple commercial," they claim that it also works--even if it's not the most original idea. A couple years ago, a 17-minute short film shared an extremely similar concept. Likewise, CBS has long been experimenting with sitcoms in which every episode takes place only on parents' screens.

(Note: I do not miss the irony in this being the second Apple-based story in a day. Also, my aged MacBook Pro's "D" key barely works and the left fan has grown really loud, so if anyone wants to toss a device or two this way...)

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