'Raiders' Trailer: Get the Story Behind the Most Impressive Fan Film 11-Year-Olds Ever Made

February 26, 2015


Back in 1982, a couple 11-year-olds saw Raiders of the Lost Ark and immediately, now-famously set about remaking it in their own image, as these kids were clinical narcissists. Emulating the film, shot for shot, the kids spent seven years on the project before finishing it as well as they could (despite their efforts, they never managed to get Indy's fist-fight atop an airplane worked out).

Now, over three decades since they began their work, the tables have turned as now these guys are the focus of tribute in Raiders: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, a documentary that looks at the seven-year filmmaking process, culminating in a reunion that sees the now middle-aged men at last shooting that airplane scene. Finally, they can move on re-shooting Temple of Doom.

Raiders is getting its premiere at SXSW, and as such, here's a trailer for it:

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