Rich Mythos of 'Settlers of Catan' Headed to Screens

February 19, 2015


In a resource trade that's being considered pretty unfortunate for everyone else at the table, producer Gail Katz has reportedly given money in exchange for the film and television rights to the Settlers of Catan board game.

At last, that timeless tale of ore, bricks, sheep, grain, and lumber will be seen in theaters, where the Longest Road will look fucking huge in IMAX. Or maybe it will just be brought to television as a procedural, where each week detectives will catch a new robber by finding whomever looks most like a very small butt plug. Or perhaps, like with Battleship, it will just be spiced up with aliens for some reason. We'll find out as a game admired for its ease of setup and relative brevity is stretched out across several years of development.

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