See James Van Der Beek, Katee Sackhoff in the Most Self-Serious 'Power Rangers' Fan Film Ever

February 24, 2015


Just when you thought your old childhood toys couldn't get any grittier, here at the bottom of the sandbox someone just dug-up your Power Rangers, and they are really gritty.

Those excavators: Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar--respectively, the directors of Torque and that hyper-violent Punisher short. With Kahn directing and Shankar bringing his woefully un-smirking fan film know-how, the two have put together a 12-minute short that pushes the dark and edgy remake mentality to its most ridiculous extreme. And stars James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff. From the desaturated opening scene's constant fades to black, to the Black Ranger's knife fight with a gangster, to... well, pretty much everything, this is the most miserable satire of these rebooted times--though one that Kahn apparently hopes you will take as seriously as it somehow takes itself.

As the director told Hitfix, "What I really want to accomplish when you watch, is you should really take it seriously. There's nothing playful except for maybe the Hip-Hop-Kido thing. Maybe a few little like motivational character [things], interactions and stuff. Overall, it's a very serious thing. The joke isn't that you're laughing at each particular scene; the joke is that we did this 'fuck you' thing in the first place. You're going to look at it and you go wow I can't believe they fucking did that."

The whole "I held Kimberly in my arms when she died" speech is supposed to be funny, though, right?

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