Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Had a 'Happy Gilmore' Reunion Fight

March 5, 2015


Though Adam Sandler will usually only do a sequel--or any movie, really--for a free vacation and an incommensurate payday, he's made a rare exception for a worthy cause. Sandler and his old fake rival Bob Barker have reunited for Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars to perform a sort of Happy Gilmore scene reprisal in support of autism programs. As expected, the two once again battle, but this time things are escalated--as they so often are in Sandler films--by bodily fluids. Sandler gets a bed pan on his head! They both hilariously contract Ebola! (Sandler somehow forgot to squeeze that gag into his African vacation, so now he's elegantly brought it here by way of a lemonade stand-style cart with a handwritten sign labeling the disease samples.) Have a look:

Don't forget to spay or neuter your late-90s sports comedy stars, everyone.

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