Thomas Jane Adopts Magical Child, New Hairstyle, in 'Before I Wake' Trailer

March 13, 2015


Here's the trailer for Before I Wake, a film that follows in the questionable The Orphan tradition of scaring people off adopting.

Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane star as a couple who lost their young son, as Homeless Dad is forever doomed to always want his kid back. Since that's not possible, though, the two decide to instead bring in another young boy as a foster child.

But, as they probably should have suspected, it turns out there's a reason this seemingly-stable white kid was still left at the orphanage: when he goes to sleep, his dreams manifest themselves! Also, all he dreams of are multi-colored butterflies and eyeless freak people, thus bringing to life the forgotten nightmare of MSN Messenger.

Incidentally, the Punisher's aging rocker hair is not a dream come to life. That is his real hair now.

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