Big Ears: Tim Burton To Direct Disney's Live-Action Dumbo Remake

March 10, 2015


Tim Burton has long been a champion of the underdog. He showed us how an orphan could become a superhero. He proved that having scissor-hands could be the foundation of a great hairdressing/landscaping business. He suggested that Mark Wahlberg could outsmart some apes. And now, he will show us that a downtrodden, large-eared elephant can fly with a new version of Dumbo. According to the Wall Street Journal, Burton will direct that live-action/CGI remake Disney has been planning as part of their plan to re-do all their cartoons with more human flesh. The project is still said to be in an "early stage of development," and casting has not yet started. But yes, Johnny Depp, Dumbo does get to wear white face paint.

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