Bradley Cooper To Make Directorial Debut on 'A Star Is Born' Remake

March 25, 2015


Elephant man and space raccoon Bradley Cooper will now also tack on the designation of director, as Deadline reports that the actor is in talks to make his directorial debut on the long-developing latest remake of A Star Is Born.

Clint Eastwood was previously attached to direct the film, and Cooper was once said to star--news Cooper then responded to with apparent disregard for the project, saying it was "just a rumor" and adding, "There are like three versions already." (He was correct.)

But it seems the set of American Sniper for some reason has a way of changing one's involvement with A Star Is Born remakes. Now Eastwood is off it altogether and Cooper will direct AND star as the washed up, self-destructive mentor to the film's younger singing protégé. The latter role was--over four years ago, when Eastwood was first attached--linked to Beyoncé, and now it's said that Cooper plans to re-approach her in the hopes she'll return to the female lead, and that someone will label their coupling "Bey Coops."

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