Desperate NBC To Resurrect 'Coach' with Craig T. Nelson

March 27, 2015


Like a tired athlete desperate for a play, or a sick person who's exhausted absolutely all other Netflix selections, NBC is turning to Coach. The network has reportedly given a 13-episode, straight-to-series order to a belated Coach follow-up that will once again see Craig T. Nelson in the starring role as Hayen Fox--now 18 years since Nelson left the part to pursue not just being Coach. Co-stars Jerry Van Dyke as Luther Van Dam and Dauber are not expected to return, as the sequel series will apparently focus more on a father-son relationship. It's said the premise sees a now-retired Fox called back in to be an assistant coach alongside his own adopted son, who has just been headed with starting a football team at an Ivy League school. Yet still we'll wonder if Major Dad ever made colonel.

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