Go for Grubes: Will Forte Thinks They Could Write Shit Out of 'MacGruber 2' Very Soon

March 2, 2015


Will Forte has starred in a serious, Oscar-nominated film and he now has his own, promising new series on Fox, but the man remains as committed as ever to rippin' throats. In a Reddit AMA over the weekend, Forte reaffirmed his promise to make a MacGruber sequel--and this time he offered that he just might be able to "write the shit out of it" in the next month or so.

Responding to the (top-voted!) question of "What can we do to make a MacGruber 2 happen?", Forte said:

I don't know! [MacGruber director/co-writers] Jorma [Taccone], John [Solomon] and I have been crazy busy, but we're absolutely gonna write the shit out of that thing as soon as we have time. And we will start to have time in a few weeks. Thanks for your patience. Already have a great outline in the works.

Though there's still not a production timeline should a script ever get completed, it's assumed that, when that becomes available, MacGruber will carry on his tradition of letting us know before he shoots.

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