'Independence Day 2' Casts Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith's Son That Isn't Will Smith's Son

March 4, 2015


The magical experience of being Will Smith's son who fights aliens, so long the exclusive purview of Jaden Smith, has been handed off to someone new. As reported by THR, Survivors Remorse star Jessie Usher has won the role of the son of Will Smith's guy in the Independence Day sequel. Director Roland Emmerich confirmed the news on Facebook, adding the creepy footnote, "Trivia: My producing partner Harald Kloser noticed Jessie in between sets of pushups at the gym and gave him an audition."

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Emmerich also confirmed the rumors that Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum will be celebrating our Independence Day again. Hemsworth will reportedly join the cast as the son-in-law of Bill Pullman's President Whitmore, while Goldblum will round out the son-heavy cast by continuing to play the son of Judd Hirsch.

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