John Travolta Brings His Creepy Touch to Painting in 'The Forger' Trailer

March 5, 2015


Long at the forefront of imitating assorted men's hairstyles, John Travolta is now giving his counterfeiting talents a shot in the art world with The Forger. The film sees Travolta, a Boston accent, his neo-skunk toupée, and a little chunk of fur glued to his chin--definitely his most off-putting hair-beard-accent combo since Killing Season--as a man just out of prison for forgery. His release reunites him with his son (Tye Sheridan) and the father (Christopher Plummer) who taught him his illicit trade, but Travolta struggles to reconcile both with them and an honest life; to get our early, it seems he made a deal to pull one final heist and swap out a Monet with an ersatz copy.

Travolta gets his father and son involved in the job, and through the first half of this trailer--and maybe the film--it seems like yet another Boston-set dark drama about an endless cycle of crime bound by family. But then some fun music kicks in, and it's fine, because it turns out this is just a lighthearted, multigenerational Ocean's, everyone:

Perhaps tellingly, the film premieres exclusively on DirecTV Cinema on March 26. Those cursing themselves for not having DirecTV at a time like this can relax, because it will be on-demand elsewhere and in limited release April 24.

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