Jon Stewart on WWE Raw Last Night, Kicked Man in Balls

March 3, 2015


Jon Stewart is nearing his end at the The Daily Show, so if he has any dreams left to to fulfill while he's there, now is the time to do them. And so he is, as last night, Stewart showed up on WWE's Monday Night Raw to kick a guy in the dick. It was the weirdest, most oddly-received WWE crossover event since the new Three Stooges arrived at WWE in a crate.

Rollins apparently kicked off this surreal-by-even-pro-wrestling-standards conflict a few weeks ago by announcing in the ring, "I could take over as host of The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable."

The claim was met mostly by mixed confusion from the audience--there's presumably not that large an overlap between viewers of The Daily Show and people who actually attend a professional wrestling event--but Stewart quickly responded with a verbal takedown calling out Rollins for "being a turncoat for your brothers on The Shield... being a toady for The Authority... not being able to choose which color your hair should be."

That led to this strange appearance last week:

And, finally, as so many things do, the conflict culminated in a dick kick, to which Stewart later commented backstage:

It remains unclear whether this is the end of this storyline or if Stewart's retirement is merely the most elaborate build up to SummerSlam.

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