Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Two-Dozen Personalities in Most Desperate Plea for Oscar

March 2, 2015


Leonardo DiCaprio may have found himself the most complex, fascinating, difficult role yet for him to not win an Oscar for. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is attached to play a man with 24 different personalities in The Crowded Room. Taking a part that--like an Academy Award--he has "eyed for nearly 20 years," DiCaprio would play Billy Milligan, a pioneer in the insanity defense. In the late '70s, Milligan was charge with robbery and multiple rapes at Ohio State University but managed to get off by way of the first acquittal by multiple personality disorder, lawyers claiming that his other selves committed the crimes without his knowledge. It's a film based on real life, and a role based in mental illness and showcasing a variety of convincing characters. Really, the only way this could be better set up as Best Actor awards bait is if it did not star Leonardo DiCaprio.

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