'Luther' Remake Put on Hold as Fox Realizes Idris Elba Is Cool as Shit

March 10, 2015


Fox's Americanized Luther has been delayed in light of the realization that, shit, there's actually a reason we keep putting Idris Elba in everything. According to THR, the deeply unnecessary Luther remake, which started development back in November, has been put off as the network deals with the fact that America's answer to original star Idris Elba defiantly remains "Idris Elba from The Wire?" Though they've reportedly even gone so far as to chase Marlon Wayans the title role, Fox has been unable to find an apt lead for the reboot. It would almost seem there MIGHT be a corresponding reason no one is campaigning for the guy from White Chicks to be the first black Bond.

Still, despite the setback, Fox is not necessarily giving up. It's said that this move merely pushes the reboot out of the busy pilot season and into a later date, when we'll hopefully have the cloning technology to finally make a new Idris Elba with a slightly better U.S. accent.

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