Netflix Acquiring Cary Fukunaga's Idris Elba Movie

March 3, 2015


Like Amazon Studios and Matt LeBlanc before them, Netflix is hoping to expand their small-screen business to the big screen. Deadline reports that the company is near a roughly $12 million deal to acquire the worldwide distribution rights to the feature film Beasts of No Nation. It's said Netflix would put the film in theaters and make a hard awards-season push, and given the talent and synopsis, it's easy to understand why: True Detective Emmy-winner Cary Fukunaga directs the film, which sees Idris Elba playing an African warlord who strips the humanity from a boy to make him into a child soldier. And given that this is Netflix, of course the plan is also to quickly bring Beasts of No Nation to the streaming service, where it will reside in the narrow category, "Movies You Wish Were Inexplicable True Detective/Luther Cross-Overs."

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