Owen Wilson Continues Business-Casual Travelogue with 'No Escape' Trailer

March 5, 2015


Four years since Midnight in Paris, Owen Wilson is once again taking his khakis, blue dress shirt, and unwavering blonde waves to another foreign city where he can see some crazy shit. This time, he's somewhere in Southeast Asia, where he's relocated wife Lake Bell and his children. His hope is to start over with a better life for them all, but unfortunately, it seems he forgot to Google the place's political climate before he got there; once the family arrives, they barely have time to get drinks with Pierce Brosnan before a rebel uprising has them trapped in their hotel fighting for their lives.

Here's the trailer, which basically looks like Hotel Rwanda meets the first act of World War Z (but now the zombies are foreign people!):

Unpromisingly, the film is directed by Devil and As Above, So Below's John Erick Dowdle. It hits theaters September 2.

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