Seth Rogen's 'Pot Stench' Tainted Amy Pascal's New Office

March 4, 2015


The Interview already helped Amy Pascal loser her position as chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment's Motion Pictures Group, but still the unseated executive is not done being screwed over by Seth Rogen's buddy-comedy hijinks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pascal's move to her new, presumably smaller office on the Sony lot has been made even more painful due to Rogen and his writing-directing partner Evan Goldberg. The two were the last ones to be working in the suite, and apparently their unique collaborative methods have left the place smelling distinctly of their unspoken third partner, marijuana. It's said to be so un-Febreezable that cleaners are finding it "cannot be easily removed" and "has seeped into the flooring."

Pascal will now stay in a temporary suite while her dank new office is repainted--some say to cover up the stench, though others claim simply so Pascal can "put her own decorative stamp on the offices." Either way, nothing like a couple coats of paint to cover up some pot and/or Bob Marley posters.

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