Spielberg To Direct '80s Virtual Reality of 'Ready Player One' Adaptation

March 25, 2015


One of the main content creators of '80s pop culture memories will now revisit those creations in virtual reality, because WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. According to Deadline, Steven Spielberg (War Horse) will follow up his BFG adaptation with an adaptation of Ready Player One. Written by Ernest Cline, the novel is yet another tale of a teenager in a dystopian future. This one, though, also has a cool virtual reality world where, if you find the hidden Easter egg, you get the fortune of the world's inventor--but that means first solving various puzzles that are built around 1980s pop culture references. Truly, there is no more real, more horrific dystopian future than the one where we still can't drop the '80s nostalgia shit.

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