Dennis Quaid Freaks Out, Asks We Blow Him, Or Would Just Like Attention

April 14, 2015


Just as he followed his brother's footsteps in acting, Dennis Quaid now seems headed down Randy Quaid's Rupert Murdoch-masked path of desperately seeking attention by way of acting crazy on video. The below clip, posted on Friday and today quickly making the rounds, seems to show Dennis Quaid having an on-set meltdown, screaming at the various "unprofessional" "zombies" and "pussies" that aren't respecting the craft of the star of DragonHeart.

The video raises a lot of questions. What film is Quaid--who hasn't been seen in theaters since 2013's abysmal Movie 43, and doesn't seem to have anything else lined up in the foreseeable future--actually shooting here? Is Dopey the Dick a trademarked character, or can we use him in our own belligerent rants? Is this real, some kind of setup for a bit, or a plea for relevancy by way of an extremely belated Christian Bale parody? And does anyone really care either way? As of now, only one thing is certain: this is not getting Frequency 2 greenlit, D.Q.

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