George R.R. Martin Developing New HBO Series Instead of Writing Right Now

April 6, 2015


Always putting off his homework, George R.R. Martin has found another way to procrastinate on just finishing his novels already. You know how it is: once you've got one successful HBO series going, it's hard not to be like, "Alright, I'll develop one more HBO series and then I'll finally get to work." And it's apparently the same for him, as it's being reported that Martin now has in development another project at the network. This one is titled Captain Cosmos. It takes place in 1949 and focuses on a young writer who, while penning sci-fi for television in the medium's nascent years, assumedly gets killed off partway through the first season.

Notably, Martin is not writing the pilot, so it's said this is "not expected to be a big time commitment" for him. He'll get right back to work on The Winds of Winter just as soon as he finishes checking his Twitter and Instagram and then just grabbing some Subway real quick.

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