Get the 'Tomorrowland' Backstory with Some Maurice LaMarche-Narrated Animations

April 23, 2015


A girl, a pin, a retro-future city, and George Clooney's smart-home. With just a month until the film's release, Tomorrowland has still revealed pretty much only those elements of its plot, leaving many wondering, "No, but's a Tomorrowland? I want to trust you, Brad Bird, but I don't even know what's going on here."

Well, here are some animated shorts, narrated by Maurice LaMarche, to provide some backstory. In essence, Tomorrowland seems to be a metropolis of peace and scientific prosperity put together by a group called Plus Ultra--a society made up of some of history's greatest minds, all together under the umbrella of the name of a dollar store knock-off detergent. Have a look:


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