'Golden Girls' Lego Set Now Up for Consideration

April 8, 2015


Thanks to an ever-growing collection of licensing deals, Lego has brought the worlds of Batman, Avengers, Ninja Turtles, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and more together to be connected through interlocking brick. But, as you've no doubt noticed both here and in stores, that list conspicuously does not include the 1980s NBC sitcom The Golden Girls. That's because Lego has, as of yet, somehow not produced a Golden Girls set. Now, though, they're finally going to have to answer to that woeful lack of delightfully chatty older women.

Over on Lego Ideas, where Lego considers new, fan-submitted ideas for production--remember the guy trying to get an Arrested Development stair-car manufactured?--someone has submitted a set for the primary Golden Girls set and cast (via). It includes the living room and kitchen, along with minifigs for Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and even Dorothy's recurring ex-husband, Stanley Zbornak. Recreate the time Rose had an AIDS scare! Have Lego Dorothy call Lego Blanche a Lego slut! Connect them all into a giant, writhing, post-menopausal monster! At last, we control the minimal action.

Normally, this would be where you'd be asked to vote for the set, but thanks to this being quickly passed around the internet as it is here, that's unnecessary. It's already today pushed past the 10,000 supporters it needs for official consideration by Lego, meaning the company will now review the set with the choice to accept it, reject it, or, like CBS, try ditching the Dorothy figure and expanding this to a more elaborate hotel set.

Whatever their decision may be, here's hoping we at least get a Lego Bea Arthur video game out of it.

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