M. Night Shyamalan Brings His Scary Grandparents to 'The Visit' Trailer

April 24, 2015


M. Night Shymalan's latest big twist ending? That the twilight of our lives may come with degenerative brain diseases that effectively render us dangerous lunatics, unsafe to even be around the ones we love most. Not really as much fun as "Bruce Willis was dead the whole time," but nonetheless, it seems to loosely be the plot of the director's latest, The Visit.

Shot in the found footage style that, like Shyamalan himself, once seemed wildly interesting but is now something to willfully avoid, the film focuses on a brother and sister spending a week at their grandparents' house. Soon after the kids arrive, Grandma and Grandpa start acting strange, and they warn their grandchildren not to leave the bedroom after 9:30--which it turns out is when the elderly couple starts acting violently stranger. The story was previously said to focus on "sundowning," which refers to the phenomenon of increased confusion in dementia patients after sundown. But judging by this trailer--and by Shyamalan's M.O.--don't be too surprised if some supernatural forces are also lurking under Grandma's afghan.

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