'Need for Speed' Sequel Outsourced to China

April 8, 2015


Domestically, the movie adaptation of Need for Speed showed that, in fact, there was not all that much need for speed. There was, at best, an extremely uneven want for speed. The film was widely panned by critics, and it made back only two-thirds of its $66 million budget in theaters.

In China, however, speed indeed had its place on Maslow's hierarchy pyramid. The film made back its entire budget there, and with other foreign receipts, it closed with a worldwide total over $200 million.

So, now there's going to be another Need for Speed, and chasing the franchise's primary audience, this one will be a Chinese production. THR reports that for the sequel, video game developer Electronic Arts is teaming with China Movie Channel, Jiaflix, and 1905.com--the same trio that already teamed with Paramount to blow up cars in China on Transformers: Age of Extinction--which it's said "means much of the movie will be filmed in China with a significant amount of local talent." That talent is not yet attached, but local factories have already begun the task of building the parts for a cheaper, knock-off Michael Keaton.

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