Ryan Phillippe Suggests Ryan Phillippe Might Star in 'Marvel's Iron Fist'

April 29, 2015


Could Ryan Phillippe and Iron Fist finally conflate into a single white, blonde guy who you've never had particularly strong feelings for either way? That's the rumor that's going around thanks to Phillippe, who reportedly just told Howard Stern that "Marvel is interested in talking about a Netflix series, possibly."

While the actor didn't name the series, and the fact that he said "possibly" severely qualifies the entire thing, the general thought going around is that he may be referring to Marvel's Iron Fist--Iron Fist being the master martial artist whose series is to be part of the Marvel-Netflix universe being built with AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the already-debuted Daredevil.

Phillippe--who holds a black belt in Taekwondo, making him a suitable Iron Fist or guy to reference in scaring off bullies--has already downplayed the rumor, saying on Twitter, "I have no real marvel news other than an upcoming meeting. sorry to disappoint fans thought there was more to it. there is no story there." But isn't that just so Phillippe?

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