Adam Sandler Covering Up 'Ridiculous Six' Controversy in Bronzer

May 1, 2015


Now a week since seeing much of the Native American cast of his Ridiculous Six walk off the set, Adam Sandler has found a way to cover up the controversy: copious bronzer.

Yes, like Rob Schneider before (seen above in Bedtime Stories), extras of various ethnicities on Sandler's latest are reportedly being slathered in makeup to give the appearance of the darker, Native skin tones lost when people for some reason found the name "No Bra" offensive. Perhaps in an attempt to make that seem fine somehow, it's said that at least one full-blooded Navajo extra was also "bronzed," which she explained left her "quite confused"--much like one is left after a "joke" about a woman squatting to pee while smoking a peace pipe.

Netflix has not yet returned the Hollywood Reporter's request for a comment on how they plan to somehow shove this under their increasingly hole-filled umbrella of "satire."

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