Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton To Star in Film Assumedly Set Poolside

May 8, 2015


In news that today is being celebrated by bros--who are forcefully asking that all join in and, "come on, give it up," to their raised and waiting palms--Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton are going to star in a sex comedy. Titled The Layover, the film will be directed by William H. Macy, and it already has a script from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia writers David Hornsby (Cricket) and Lance Krall. Daddario and Upton--who bros have clarified are "the chick from True Detective; you KNOW the one" and "Kate Upton; I don't even NEED to tell you who she is"--will play lifelong friends who try to escape their problems on a vacation, only to end up sidetracked when their plane is diverted because of a hurricane. Sources add, "Send 'em here, brah! I'll take 'em both at once! Now, come on, you GOT to give it up for that."

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