Anne Hathaway To Star in 'Godzilla' Meets 'Lost in Translation'

May 12, 2015


Combining two of the most iconic films about just sort of meandering around Tokyo, Timecrimes writer-director Nacho Vigalondo is making a film that's being described as "Godzilla meets Lost in Translation." THR brings the news, reporting that Anne Hathaway is attached to star in the lead role. She'll play Gloria, a woman who gives up on New York City and decides to move home when she loses her fiancé and job. But that's also when a Godzilla starts stomping around Japan, and Gloria comes to realize that her mind is somehow connected to the attack. The film's title is Colossal, and it had better have scenes where the terrible monster does a whiskey ad and tenderly holds Anne Hathaway's foot, or Nacho and I have very different ideas of what "Godzilla meets Lost in Translation" means.

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