'Captain America: Civil War' Began Production, and It Turns Out Everyone Is in This

May 7, 2015


If Avengers is the Marvel Cinematic Universe's highway food exit with all the big-name, broadly-appealing franchise options to choose from, then Captain America: Civil War seems to the be the gas station with a combination Taco Bell/KFC/Pizza Hut stuffed inside by the bathrooms. It's still quite a few franchise options--alongside lesser known brands like wherever the nacho bar and hot dogs came from--but don't expect a full menu. This is primarily a gas station, after all.

Likewise, while Civil War is primarily a Captain America feature, it's apparently going to be stuffed with other Marvel names. We'd already heard that the likes of Iron Man, Black Widow, Jeremy Renner, and probably Spider-Man would show up, and now, with production on the film beginning, the studio has confirmed a bunch of other appearances. Among them: Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes, Anthony Mackie's Falcon, Don Cheadle's War Machine, Paul Bettany's Vision, Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch, Paul Rudd's Ant-Man, Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther, and Frank Grillo's Crossbones. Also, William Hurt's General "Thunderbolt" Ross from The Incredible Hulk, allowing that film to maintain its slim connection with the rest of the Marvel Universe--a crumpled up White Castle bag stuffed in the trash near the pump, a reminder of an earlier pit stop we would rather forget.

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