In the 'Point Break' Trailer, the Only Law That Matters Is GRAVITY

May 27, 2015


Start shooting your gun into the air in impotent rage, because the trailer for the Point Break remake is here. Starring The Best of Me's Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah and Carlos's Édgar Ramírez as Bodhi, the film seems to have taken the rare spark from the first film and doused it in the neon green piss of a long-forgotten Mountain Dew commercial. Bodhi and his crew are still pulling robberies, Johnny Utah is still the coolest undercover agent of the FBI, but now they are all so much more extreme. They surf and skydive, sure, but now they also snowboard down sheer mountains; they race dirt bikes away from rockslides; they BASE jump between cliffs; and they're "using their [extreme] skills to disrupt the international financial markets." They are Occupy Swayze. They are the 99%, as sponsored by Rockstar Energy and GoPro. Here is their extreme story:

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