Jason Segel Does David Foster Wallace in 'End of the Tour' Trailer

May 27, 2015


What if one of the greatest American novels of the 20th century was penned by the guy from Sex Tape? So we'll now imagine with The End of the Tour, director James Posoldt's follow-up to The Spectacular Now. Jason Segel stars as David Foster Wallace--the late postmodernist author known for his many essays and, more so, for his acclaimed tome Infinite Jest--and the performance has been drawing acclaim since the film premiered at Sundance. Jesse Eisenbeg co-stars as David Lipsky, the Rolling Stone contributor who Almost Famoused Wallace, following him around with admiration to write about their road trip. Eisenberg's acting has also been well-regarded, though he's playing a bookish writer outright describe as "a nervous guy," so that was kind of a gimme.

Here's the trailer:

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