'Jonny Quest' Movie Coming from Robert Rodriguez

May 27, 2015


Robert Rodriguez's loves of children's action and retro kitsch finally have their ideal outlet: a Jonny Quest movie. Deadline reports that Rodriguez has signed on to direct a live-action adaptation of the cartoon series for Warner Bros. It's said he'll also re-write the screenplay with Aladdin and Lone Ranger writer Terry Rossio--who already knows a little something about writing cartoonish, coming-of-age adventure and an Indian sidekick that may well end up being offensive.

Notably, Rodriguez previously tried to get into the Hanna-Barbera universe with a live-action take on the The Jetsons, which still has yet to get off the ground and alongside our dome-covered flying cars. Rodriguez also previously worked with George Clooney on several films, so if Cloon isn't "Race" Bannon, there's really no excuse.

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