Shaun Almighty: Simon Pegg Gets God-Like Powers in 'Absolutely Anything' Trailer

May 4, 2015


Here's the trailer for Absolutely Anything, the comedy that brings together Simon Pegg, the final performance of Robin Williams, and a Monty Python reunion, and then squanders those massive comic powers on jokes about a horny, talking dog and its turds.

The extremely high-concept film gets its setup by way of some Python-voiced exposition aliens, who explain their test of giving one human being absolute power. That human: teacher Simon Pegg. If he uses his powers for good, Earth will be spared. Should he use them for evil, Earth will be destroyed. Should he use them with poor wording and ill planning, resulting in a series of zany misfires, Earth will get another 90-minutes of mediocre laughs we'll probably catch the last half of on TBS.

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