'Supergirl' Series Looks Like Satire, But That's Just Because It's on CBS

May 14, 2015


In CBS's Supergirl, our hero is a lowly assistant to a bitchy woman at a publishing company. She's balancing life-saving with blind dates. She has a friend at work who totally has a crush on her, but who she thinks of as just a friend to help her pick out outfits. She has a successful older sister she turns to for advice. Jimmy Olsen is now James Olsen, handsome love interest. In short, it somehow manages to hit more superhero-meets-rom-com tropes than SNL's Black Widow parody trailer. That the title isn't announced as "Super--[record scratch] ...Girl!?" shows remarkable restraint. If Joss Whedon took feminist flak for Avengers: Age of Ultron, then this six-and-a-half minutes of footage is legitimately going to get someone castrated.

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